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New Partnership with Bringg

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Bringg!

This new partnership connects Zoom 1hr with Bringg’s expansive retail customer base, enabling the retailers to quickly increase delivery capacity and last mile execution for a greater customer experience.

Bringg customers will be able to easily select and utilise Zoom as a last mile delivery partner throughout our delivery network.

“This partnership is the start of an exciting chapter for Zoom,” says CEO and Founder, Kev Williams. “The recent fundraising has enabled us to supercharge the growth of our delivery network throughout the UK. With this extra capacity, we can now develop our national partnerships to fulfil even more deliveries.”

“Bringg’s delivery hub aims to increase delivery volumes and improve retailers’ service offering without delay or compromise,” says Michal Gindi, Alliances and Ecosystems at Bringg.

“The hub enables retailers to scale up delivery services quickly with pre-integrated last mile fleets like Zoom so that retailers leverage delivery for differentiation and greater customer experiences.”

We look forward to connecting with Bringg’s retail and hospitality customers over the coming weeks.


Zoom 1hr Delivery x Jisp Partnership launches!

We are delighted to announce our exciting new partnership with Jisp! Jisp is an award-winning convenience shopping app that works with big brands such as Bestway and Nisa.

The partnership will enable Jisp to offer their ever-growing list of hospitality, retail, wholesale and convenience partners a full online ordering and delivery service with our fleet of delivery drivers.

Store owners will now be able to have their products delivered to straight to their customers without having to leave their shops, hire new drivers or purchase vehicles themselves.

We think Jisp and Zoom 1hr compliment one another perfectly, and we are excited to fulfil the missing last mile delivery link in Jisp’s service.

Jisp shares our vision of empowering independent businesses with a dynamic delivery solution. By marrying their slick technology with our operations and infrastructure across the UK, we will be able to better serve retail and food businesses, and vastly improve our own customers’ experience.

We believe this new collaboration will be an unstoppable force in the delivery sector.

This marks the first of many new partnerships for Zoom 1hr Delivery, as we rapidly expand across the UK in many urban and rural locations.

We want to utilise our fleet of branded delivery cars, with hourly paid drivers to fulfil delivery orders from a much broader range of partners in new and existing areas.

Zoom 1hr are very proud to have been chosen by Jisp so early in our national roll out. We can’t wait to get started and look forward to forging a long-term partnership with the Jisp team.

Zoom 1hr car with Co-op lorry

Going the Extra Mile for Co-op

This time last year Zoom 1hr Delivery was just serving our local Shropshire and mid-Wales area. Fast-forward to today and we now cover the length and breadth of the country from Carlisle to Falmouth and throughout Wales, after being selected as a last-mile delivery partner for Co-op 6 months ago.

In that time Zoom 1hr has delivered 75K grocery orders for the leading supermarket.

We launched our service within just 2 weeks for Co-op’s customers, to cater for the upsurge in demand for grocery deliveries last year.

During the first three months of the partnership, we launched across 65 Co-op stores and fulfilled 25K deliveries. Today we serve over 100 Co-op stores with an ambition to add a further 170 stores this year.

Changing Customer Needs

The landscape for consumer shopping habits, particularly for grocery shopping, has had a fundamental shake up thanks to the pandemic. Customers need and expect more now, with quick delivery being at the heart of that.

We’re happy to say that on-demand delivery is here to stay, which means customers can keep benefitting from this fantastic service.

Co-op customers can choose from 4,500 products via the ordering system at They can track their deliveries in real time and because we deliver by car they can enjoy double the delivery basket size compared to all other delivery partners.

We also supported the Co-op to reach customers lying just outside of our usual delivery zones by offering a large delivery radius, at no further cost to the Co-op or the customer.

We really are going the extra mile for Co-op!

We believe rural towns and villages are the places where delivery solutions are needed more than ever, especially when the public have been cautiously staying at home. We have taken a flexible approach to new areas and increased our delivery radius in some of these places to service more communities who wouldn’t have had this kind of delivery service before.

Growing Zoom! 1hr Delivery

We’ve been able to expand our own on-demand service across the UK simultaneously and have made over 300,000 deliveries of groceries, takeaways, drinks, and retail in the last three years.

Our last mile delivery network is open to all businesses to use from small independent businesses to big chains, across cafés, restaurants, convenience stores, and retail.

We would love to hear from any businesses in our areas that want to tap into a new market through our Zoom 1hr app or website.


Sights Set on National Expansion

It is a very exciting time here at Zoom 1hr Delivery! We have reached big moment in our journey where our ambition to be a national on-demand delivery solution is firmly within our grasp. We are ready to shake up the marketplace and compete with major food delivery players on a national level.

On a roll

In 2020 we achieved an annual turnover of £665,000 with an order growth rate of 108% from 2019. We are on track to hit £2.5m turnover this year. Over 70,000 people have downloaded our app and we have already made over 200,000 deliveries, with an average delivery time of 24 minutes.

And we are proud of those amazing stats.

Our Co-founder, Dave Hamlet has used his extensive experience in the food and beverage industry to secure a partnership with heavy weight brand, Co-op, with others in the pipeline.

Winning the contract to become the third national last-mile delivery partner for Co-op created an opportunity to expand our own services across Wales and bordering English counties last year.

Plans for 2021

In the three years that Zoom 1hr has been operating, it has remained completely bootstrapped, but we are now opening up the business to investment opportunities to help the business mobilise in new areas, develop our online technology and payment management, expand our team and move into new premises. We want to create a great place to work.

2021 sees our sights set on expanding further across England, Scotland and Wales, and partnering with thousands of British businesses.

Why Zoom 1hr is different

We believe major food delivery players have left huge swathes of the population outside major cities underserved. Serving rural areas and towns, and working closely with businesses in those areas, is absolutely fundamental to what we do.

Zoom 1hr has carved out a place in a rapidly growing marketplace by targeting these underserved areas and by covering a larger radius for delivery. We believe these areas are the places where delivery solutions are needed more than ever.

We are also proud to be looking after our team of drivers. Zoom 1hr recognises their ‘worker’ status and offer paid holiday and other benefits required by current law.

We are leading the pack by being the first app to offer delivery of more than just food. We are empowering independent retailers with a solution to deliver groceries, shoes, homeware, flowers and more, in less than an hour.

Consumers want retail in a faster, more efficient way now and we can provide just that. Online shopping is here to stay and waiting a week or more for a purchase just isn’t going to cut it in 2021.

Bring it on!

We are on a mission to become the UK’s hyperlocal, last mile delivery service and we are incredibly excited to see our national rollout vision come to life this year!


Ambition and determination is key to business success

Zoom! 1hr Delivery is an on-demand ordering platform and delivery service, delivering food, drinks and retail. We are on a mission to become the UK’s hyperlocal, last mile delivery service.

The business began 5 years ago as a humble menu listing service in Shrewsbury but soon grew into a delivery solution that empowered hundreds of independent food outlets and retailers, and secured tens of thousands of dedicated customers via our app.

We made the move to roll out our service across Wales and bordering English counties last year, and 2021 sees our sights set on expanding further across England, Scotland and Wales, partnering with thousands of British businesses.

So how did we grow from a town-wide menu listing service to a rapidly growing successful national brand?

Our ambition was to grow the business to be the best it could be, and the on-demand delivery market was only getting bigger.

We didn’t want Zoom 1hr to be left behind. There was no reason why we couldn’t use our industry knowledge and operational experience to take Zoom up a gear.

UK food deliveries have increased by 39% over the last three years, so there was an opportunity to grow.

When the pandemic hit, this demand only increased. In fact, since the pandemic the business growth has accelerated by 2-4 years thanks to a huge upsurge in demand. We have had to triple our output to keep up with this growing demand.

If we hadn’t have expanded when we did, we would have missed an opportunity for accelerating our growth. We reacted fast, and our hard work is paying off!

Finding your niche

We have found ours in two ways – firstly by serving the areas outside of the major cities with a delivery service. Major delivery brands have left these areas underserved but we think these are the very areas that need a fast delivery option the most.

The second way was leading the pack in offering to deliver more than just food. Consumers want retail in a faster, more efficient way now and we can work with retailers to deliver orders in less than 1 hour.

UK internet sales made up 36% of total retail sales in January 2021. There is no escaping the fact that consumer habits have changed, and online shopping is here to stay. And we are here to support it.


It has been great to help local businesses through a challenging period, offering them a delivery solution and access to our 70,000+ app users. We believe consumer demand for fast delivery will remain, and we are here to facilitate that momentum.

Looking ahead we hope to keep getting bigger and better, and this year should see Zoom 1hr exponentially grow its team and expand its premises to support our rapid growth as we open up to new investment opportunities for the first time.

It has been incredible to watch Zoom 1hr grow and develop – launching the website and app, retaining thousands of customers, partnering with like-minded independent business owners, growing the region we cover, and landing big national contracts like Co-op.

Here’s to seeing where we are in a year!


Zoom Behind the Scenes: Emz Cakes!

Emma brought Cake Heaven to Wrexham in 2014 when she opened the doors of Emz Cakes. Always a creative at heart, she first started making cakes at home for friends and family. They recognised her talent for baking instantly and encouraged her to turn this talent into a business. So, alongside her day job, Emma began to bake more at home and turn it into a trade. This quickly took off, and her house turned into a bakery! So, she decided it was time to take the plunge and open a shop in June 2014.

Now, Emz Cakes has another 4 brilliant team members, and Emma’s mum enjoys helping out from time to time too. They love coming up with new, creative flavour ideas, and Emma particularly loves making her famous giant stuffed cookies. Her most popular treat, however, is without a doubt the divine triple chocolate brownie. So much so that if Emma ever does a menu change, she can no longer take it off without a surge in requests for its return.

Emz Cakes’ brilliance has been rewarded with nominations for lots of awards. They’ve won customer service awards on Tripadvisor, as well as receiving the certificate of excellence a few years running! Very well deserved. We’re proud Emma chose to be on Zoom. She explained that Zoom aligns better with her own brand thanks to mutual independence, and she appreciates our commitment to providing the best customer service.

Now, go check out Emz Cakes and get some delicious treats delivered to your door!: 


Eskuta Electric Bike: How our new investment is helping our sustainable business model.

Zoom 1hr Delivery are pleased to announce our use of the Eskuta Electric Bike for sustainable deliveries in Shrewsbury. The importance of contributing to sustainability is at the forefront of our minds at Zoom. As a result, we are prioritising an environmentally friendly solution to deliveries without compromising on service.

With no fuel being burned, there is no carbon emission. Therefore no gases that are harmful to the environment are being released. As well as being great for the environment, the use of this electric bike will also allow us to reduce delivery times. The bike is an “electrically assisted pedal cycle”, which means it can be ridden in cycle lanes and therefore avoid traffic. This advantage aids us in being as efficient as possible, and our food stays protected thanks to the specialised bag included.

We are thrilled with our investment and will continue ensuring that our business model is environmentally conscious and sustainable for the future of urban delivery.


Zoom into Anna’s Lovely Little World of stylish homeware…

Anna is the proud owner of Lovely Little World, a stylish and affordable homeware store born out of a passion for interior design. With a background in graphic design and art, creativity is second nature to Anna. Originally owning a pub, her talent for interior design shone after decorating the pub to a standard so high that customers began asking her if they could buy elements of her pub’s interior decor. From this, she became motivated to have her own homeware store.

Lovely Little World first started in Shrewsbury’s Market Hall 3.5 years ago, starting with just a small selection of products. Proving extremely popular, Anna decided that she needed a bigger premise to meet demand and moved into the town. Her social media presence soared, and she opened a website to expand trading nationwide.

When asking how she chooses items for her store, I discovered Anna’s extraordinary ability to create collections in her head. She becomes inspired by just one product, then can build a whole collection around this product. Always keeping up to date with trends, Anna ensures that her store is packed with each season’s must-haves.

Locally known as the Fairy Light Queen, Anna has created a warm, inviting ambience for her store which keeps bringing customers back. Always receiving nothing but positive feedback is something Anna is extremely proud of, and so she should be. Customers even send her pictures of their items to let her know how they’ve used them in their homes. This is true credit to Anna’s brilliant ability to build relationships with her valued customers.

Anna joined Zoom to increase her customer reach. She believes that customers being able to receive their items straight to their homes within an hour is a great advantage. In the future, Anna hopes to have a bigger area to create proper interior spaces. We know this would be a huge success for Lovely Little World!

Check out her homeware here: 


Take a trip into the Lyons’ Den…

Adam and his wife Kelly opened the doors of Lyons’ Den 5 years ago this October after Adam decided to leave the Police force. He served as a Police Officer for 12 years, but felt it was time for him and Kelly to pursue their dream of owning their own restaurant. With a passion for food from a young age, the food industry was no stranger to Adam. He qualified as a chef in 1998 and worked in the restaurant at Hertfordshire’s Champneys Spa Hotel.

Presenting delicious food in a tasteful way is something Adam has always enjoyed, and it was a driving holiday across America with Kelly that allowed him to realise that creating American-style food was where his future lay. Tasting some of the best burgers on this trip was what gave him the motivation for to specialise in burgers; they thought Shrewsbury was missing out and wanted to bring an authentic taste of the US home. Lyons’ Den was then established, the first gourmet burger restaurant in Shrewsbury.

Now Lyons’ Den is a success, and Adam is proud that him and Kelly took the leap of faith – going from not knowing if they’ll get customers to being consistently busy today! The House Burger and the Smoking South burgers are among the most popular items on the menu, and Lyons’ Den are committed to only sourcing local food and Shropshire beef to make these burgers.

Zoom has allowed Adam to serve more customers than his restaurant has capacity for, and he’s noticed that it’s certainly been busier since they joined Zoom! Adam and Kelly would love to expand into more places around the UK – we’re sure this would be a huge success.


Local Online Trainer Store is Breaking Retail Boundaries.

Same Day Trainers is an online retail store which sells the most popular & highest quality brands of trainers. Not only do they have a huge range of trainers in all sizes, for men, women, and children, but they can also deliver trainers the same day as purchase.

Harry, Same Day Trainers’ owner, started his journey by opening a physical trainer store in Shrewsbury around 7 years ago. However, after realising that buying habits were changing and online shopping had become more dominant, Harry decided to go digital. He sold the shop and chose to use an online only platform.

With a wide range of experience in deliveries, Harry decided to offer same day delivery. This unique selling point, along with his competitive prices and huge array of trainers in popular styles that are often not available on the high street really gives him a competitive edge.

Same Day Trainers joined Zoom 1hr Delivery for exposure to a wider audience. However, joining Zoom also meant that Harry can now get his trainers to customers in around an hour. This has meant he could break trainer delivery speed boundaries even further. At the moment, Same Day Trainers operates in Shrewsbury and Telford. However, Harry and his family hope to be able to expand to surrounding areas in the not so distant future.

You can find a huge range of trainers and order for quick delivery on the Zoom 1hr Delivery app:

iPhone :


Or order via our website: