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Zoom 1hr car with Co-op lorry

Going the Extra Mile for Co-op

This time last year Zoom 1hr Delivery was just serving our local Shropshire and mid-Wales area. Fast-forward to today and we now cover the length and breadth of the country from Carlisle to Falmouth and throughout Wales, after being selected as a last-mile delivery partner for Co-op 6 months ago.

In that time Zoom 1hr has delivered 75K grocery orders for the leading supermarket.

We launched our service within just 2 weeks for Co-op’s customers, to cater for the upsurge in demand for grocery deliveries last year.

During the first three months of the partnership, we launched across 65 Co-op stores and fulfilled 25K deliveries. Today we serve over 100 Co-op stores with an ambition to add a further 170 stores this year.

Changing Customer Needs

The landscape for consumer shopping habits, particularly for grocery shopping, has had a fundamental shake up thanks to the pandemic. Customers need and expect more now, with quick delivery being at the heart of that.

We’re happy to say that on-demand delivery is here to stay, which means customers can keep benefitting from this fantastic service.

Co-op customers can choose from 4,500 products via the ordering system at coop.co.uk/shop. They can track their deliveries in real time and because we deliver by car they can enjoy double the delivery basket size compared to all other delivery partners.

We also supported the Co-op to reach customers lying just outside of our usual delivery zones by offering a large delivery radius, at no further cost to the Co-op or the customer.

We really are going the extra mile for Co-op!

We believe rural towns and villages are the places where delivery solutions are needed more than ever, especially when the public have been cautiously staying at home. We have taken a flexible approach to new areas and increased our delivery radius in some of these places to service more communities who wouldn’t have had this kind of delivery service before.

Growing Zoom! 1hr Delivery

We’ve been able to expand our own on-demand service across the UK simultaneously and have made over 300,000 deliveries of groceries, takeaways, drinks, and retail in the last three years.

Our last mile delivery network is open to all businesses to use from small independent businesses to big chains, across cafés, restaurants, convenience stores, and retail.

We would love to hear from any businesses in our areas that want to tap into a new market through our Zoom 1hr app or website.


Sights Set on National Expansion

It is a very exciting time here at Zoom 1hr Delivery! We have reached big moment in our journey where our ambition to be a national on-demand delivery solution is firmly within our grasp. We are ready to shake up the marketplace and compete with major food delivery players on a national level.

On a roll

In 2020 we achieved an annual turnover of £665,000 with an order growth rate of 108% from 2019. We are on track to hit £2.5m turnover this year. Over 70,000 people have downloaded our app and we have already made over 200,000 deliveries, with an average delivery time of 24 minutes.

And we are proud of those amazing stats.

Our Co-founder, Dave Hamlet has used his extensive experience in the food and beverage industry to secure a partnership with heavy weight brand, Co-op, with others in the pipeline.

Winning the contract to become the third national last-mile delivery partner for Co-op created an opportunity to expand our own services across Wales and bordering English counties last year.

Plans for 2021

In the three years that Zoom 1hr has been operating, it has remained completely bootstrapped, but we are now opening up the business to investment opportunities to help the business mobilise in new areas, develop our online technology and payment management, expand our team and move into new premises. We want to create a great place to work.

2021 sees our sights set on expanding further across England, Scotland and Wales, and partnering with thousands of British businesses.

Why Zoom 1hr is different

We believe major food delivery players have left huge swathes of the population outside major cities underserved. Serving rural areas and towns, and working closely with businesses in those areas, is absolutely fundamental to what we do.

Zoom 1hr has carved out a place in a rapidly growing marketplace by targeting these underserved areas and by covering a larger radius for delivery. We believe these areas are the places where delivery solutions are needed more than ever.

We are also proud to be looking after our team of drivers. Zoom 1hr recognises their ‘worker’ status and offer paid holiday and other benefits required by current law.

We are leading the pack by being the first app to offer delivery of more than just food. We are empowering independent retailers with a solution to deliver groceries, shoes, homeware, flowers and more, in less than an hour.

Consumers want retail in a faster, more efficient way now and we can provide just that. Online shopping is here to stay and waiting a week or more for a purchase just isn’t going to cut it in 2021.

Bring it on!

We are on a mission to become the UK’s hyperlocal, last mile delivery service and we are incredibly excited to see our national rollout vision come to life this year!