Looking after our customers

Looking after our customers

The world feels like it’s inching towards normality, as we slowly recover from the chaos caused by Covid.

We know many of our customers are happy to not be in lockdown and they are enjoying more freedom, whilst there are still lots of people who are understandably feeling very cautious.

However you feel, we want to reassure you that Zoom 1hr Delivery still have our Covid safe delivery policies in place.

We always planned to continue them, to make receiving deliveries as safe as possible for our customers and our drivers.

Keeping safe is important to them, so it matters to us.

The procedures we are continuing to implement are as follows:

  1. Our team complete regular health checks and continue to follow current government guidance
  2. When placing your order, only card payments will be accepted. No money will be exchanged during the delivery to maintain a contact-free delivery service.
  3. Our drivers will remain socially distanced at all times. Once they have rung the bell or knocked on the door, they will place your order on your doorstep and take a step back. All they need is your name to confirm they have successfully delivered your order.
  4. If you are self-isolating, please add this information to your delivery notes. We will ensure extra measures are taken to deliver your order in a Covid safe manner. We can deliver your order to a designated spot and no face-to-face contact will be made.
  5. Drivers will regularly sanitise their hands and delivery bags, and this will always happen before and after every drop.

Thank you for all your support in helping to make our delivery process as safe as possible.

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