Take a trip into the Lyons’ Den…

Take a trip into the Lyons’ Den…

Adam and his wife Kelly opened the doors of Lyons’ Den 5 years ago this October after Adam decided to leave the Police force. He served as a Police Officer for 12 years, but felt it was time for him and Kelly to pursue their dream of owning their own restaurant. With a passion for food from a young age, the food industry was no stranger to Adam. He qualified as a chef in 1998 and worked in the restaurant at Hertfordshire’s Champneys Spa Hotel.

Presenting delicious food in a tasteful way is something Adam has always enjoyed, and it was a driving holiday across America with Kelly that allowed him to realise that creating American-style food was where his future lay. Tasting some of the best burgers on this trip was what gave him the motivation for to specialise in burgers; they thought Shrewsbury was missing out and wanted to bring an authentic taste of the US home. Lyons’ Den was then established, the first gourmet burger restaurant in Shrewsbury.

Now Lyons’ Den is a success, and Adam is proud that him and Kelly took the leap of faith – going from not knowing if they’ll get customers to being consistently busy today! The House Burger and the Smoking South burgers are among the most popular items on the menu, and Lyons’ Den are committed to only sourcing local food and Shropshire beef to make these burgers.

Zoom has allowed Adam to serve more customers than his restaurant has capacity for, and he’s noticed that it’s certainly been busier since they joined Zoom! Adam and Kelly would love to expand into more places around the UK – we’re sure this would be a huge success.

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