Zoom Behind the Scenes: Emz Cakes!

Zoom Behind the Scenes: Emz Cakes!

Emma brought Cake Heaven to Wrexham in 2014 when she opened the doors of Emz Cakes. Always a creative at heart, she first started making cakes at home for friends and family. They recognised her talent for baking instantly and encouraged her to turn this talent into a business. So, alongside her day job, Emma began to bake more at home and turn it into a trade. This quickly took off, and her house turned into a bakery! So, she decided it was time to take the plunge and open a shop in June 2014.

Now, Emz Cakes has another 4 brilliant team members, and Emma’s mum enjoys helping out from time to time too. They love coming up with new, creative flavour ideas, and Emma particularly loves making her famous giant stuffed cookies. Her most popular treat, however, is without a doubt the divine triple chocolate brownie. So much so that if Emma ever does a menu change, she can no longer take it off without a surge in requests for its return.

Emz Cakes’ brilliance has been rewarded with nominations for lots of awards. They’ve won customer service awards on Tripadvisor, as well as receiving the certificate of excellence a few years running! Very well deserved. We’re proud Emma chose to be on Zoom. She explained that Zoom aligns better with her own brand thanks to mutual independence, and she appreciates our commitment to providing the best customer service.

Now, go check out Emz Cakes and get some delicious treats delivered to your door!: https://www.zoom-food.co.uk/menu/Emz_Cakes 

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